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What makes Block.Systems valuable?

  • 203k

    Monthly Search Vol

    The average number of Google searches for the exact match

  • $6.13

    Cost Per Click

    Google ads average cost per click for sponsored section of ads.

  • $2.9m

    Rosener Value

    Rosener Value = 202950(Monthly search vol) x 6.13(AVG CPC) x .2(% Click through rate) x 12mo(Payback period)

  • $1m


    Highest previous sale for the same exact keyword but for the .com version

  • $10k


    Price of check.co listed on namebio.com

  • $8.8k

    Avg. Previous Sales of similar TLD

    Namebio.com average exact match previous sales on other domain extensions

Best industries suited for Block.Systems

This domain can be used for a name of a company, an app or a blog. We have domain names that have multiple use cases.

  • Brandability

    In addition to having exact match search value, this domain has low character count means memorable and better conversions.

    • Digital
    • Swag
    • Print

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